Utilising our professional auctioning arm.

We offer you the best, personalised wool auction service at our low, flat rate brokerage fee. The Aussie Wool auction catalogues are always well respected by auction room buyers.

Our professional Trading desk in Port Adelaide will work to extract the best possible price on your behalf.

We target the big competition in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle. We have the ability to have your wool on offer and sold within 24 hours of coring, this is most favourable in a ‘hot’ market.

Our private buying arrangements turn your small lots of wool into an instant sale.

We offer this service at all regional locations and at our head office in Port Adelaide. Simply deliver your wool and get paid cash, cheque or direct deposit. By using this method, you avoid the charges for bulk classing and interlotting. You will be paid in full, on the spot.

Aussie Wool Exports provides a no obligation FREE quote on your clip, at current market value.

Once your wool has been appraised, priced and documented, the price is available for you to make an informed decision when to sell your wool. The price can easily be updated at any time in the future as the market moves. This is a net price with no handling or core test charges. This method is unique, and is the only way you can know what your wool is worth before it leaves your property. Our Wool Buyers will keep in close contact with you throughout this easy process.

We will offer your wool directly to a best-suited, leading international processor through our global list of contacts.

Once your wool has been fully specified we are able to give you accurate valuations on your wool as a direct forward selling, wool export contract, adding value to your clip through cost effective supply chain management. All core test charges are to the growers account.

* Some types may not be suited to export contracts.